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New users are not charged for the first three auctions they win using Auction Sniper. Thereafter, we charge only 1.5% of the final auction price with a minimum fee of $0.35 USD and a maximum fee of $14.99 USD for only the auctions that you win. Please review the chart below.

Item Amount Fee
Auction won that ended at $23.99 USD or less $0.35 USD
Auction won that ended between $24.00 and $995.00 USD 1.5% of final price
Auction won that ended at $995.01 or more $14.99 USD
  • There are no additional fees for eBay Motors auctions.
  • Foreign currency auctions (GBP, AU dollars, etc) will be converted to American dollars at the daily currency exchange rate before the 1.5% fee is determined.

Payment Details

Your credit card will be billed on the last week of each month if your balance exceeds $2.50 USD. If your balance is below $2.50 USD, it will be carried over to the next month for a maximum of six months at which time your account will be charged regardless of the total amount due. During months in which you purchase shipping insurance through Auction Sniper, the minimum charge becomes $1.00 USD. Note: AuctionSniper does not pay the seller of items you've won using our service. The fees we collect are only for the cost of using our snipe service. You must pay the seller of your won items in your normal manner.

Shipping Insurance

You can purchase shipping insurance on items you win on eBay using Auction Sniper—for a lot less. We partner with a world-class shipping insurance company which allows us to provide our customers with substantial savings on this service for items up to $2500 USD.

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The cost of insurance will be added to your normal monthly Auction Sniper bill. Please note that you must have a valid credit card on file or a sufficient pre-paid balance to cover the cost of insurance at the time you purchase the policy.

Adding a credit card to my account

Adding a credit card to your account is easy and will activate your account. Simply follow these steps:
  1. Sign into your account
  2. Next, hover over the "My Snipes" tab and select "Balance."
  3. The "Payment" tab will display and you can select your payment method.
  4. Click the "Add" button under "Credit Card Information"(we accept Visa or MasterCard).
  5. Finaly, enter your information and click "Save."

Paying with PayPal

You can add money to your account by using PayPal. Your account balance will be credited the amount of money you send us via PayPal. Future winning snipes will then be paid by using the balance already deposited into your AuctionSniper account. The minimum payment you can make through PayPal is $5.00 USD. Payments below $5.00 USD will be rejected.

Make a payment using PayPal

Refunds or Cancellation

You can cancel your account and request a refund of your unused funds by contacting our Customer Support Team.